• Development Trend of China’s Elevator Industry

    1. Intelligent Manufacturing Under the background that my country’s economy has entered a new normal, the State Council has comprehensively promoted the strategy of manufacturing a strong country, and clarified that in the development of my country’s manufacturing industry, intelligen...
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Suzhou Tianhongyi Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. provides complete elevators, escalators and spare parts. Abright moon and stars twinkle and shine. THOY Elevator wishes all friends and family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future
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  • Basic knowledge of cross flow fans

    The characteristic of the cross-flow fan is that the fluid flows through the fan impeller twice, the fluid flows in radially first, and then flows out radially, and the inlet and exhaust directions are in the same plane. The exhaust gas is evenly distributed along the width of the fan. Due to its...
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  • Advantages of using elevator air conditioners

    When using elevator air conditioners, basic heating and cooling functions can be realized, and some indoor units can also independently adjust the humidity, cleanliness and airflow distribution of the air, so as to balance the indoor temperature and humidity and make the air fresh and uniform, wh...
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  • Solutions for a healthier new urban normal

    As we ease out of lockdown and re-enter public buildings, we need to once again feel comfortable in urban spaces. From self-disinfecting handrails to smart people flow planning, innovative solutions that support well-being will help people transition to a new normal. Tod...
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  • How to take the elevator to be the most comfortable and safe?

    As the high-rise buildings in the city rise from the ground up, high-speed elevators are becoming more and more popular. We often hear people say that taking a high-speed elevator will be dizzy and disgusting. So, how to ride a high-speed elevator to be the most comfortable and safe? The speed of...
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  • Analysis of elevator operation principle

    The elevator user sends a signal to the elevator through the button, and the button for transmitting signals on the highest layer and the bottom layer of the elevator is one. The button at the highest level of the elevator transmits the signal for the downward demand operation, and the bottom lay...
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  • The difference between passenger elevators and cargo elevators

    There are several main differences between cargo elevators and passenger elevators. 1 safety, 2 comfort, and 3 environmental requirements. According to GB50182-93 “Electrical Installation Engineering Elevator Electrical Installation Construction and Acceptance Specifications” 6.0.9 Te...
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  • Elevator safety ride instructions

    In order to ensure the personal safety of the passengers and the normal operation of the elevator equipment, please use the elevator correctly in accordance with the following regulations. 1. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods that are flammable, explosive or corrosive. 2. Do not shake th...
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  • Prompt delivery

    Affected by the current epidemic, our company will continue to provide transportation services, the company will deliver goods normally, ensure quality and timeliness, and provide customers with all services. Quality is corporate culture. We believe that cooperation can bring win-win. For urgent...
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  • How can you buy an elevator

    How to buy an elevator?  From the function, it can be divided into commercial,  household and medical, etc., from the type, there are hydraulic elevator vacuum driven elevator, traction hydraulic drive elevator, winding roller elevator, gear-less traction and weighing chain elevator, so choose a ...
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  • How to install a small domestic lift?

    As people’s living standards improve, many families are beginning to install small home lifts. As large and sophisticated furniture for the home, small home lifts have high requirements for the installation environment, and the good or bad installation determines the operating conditions an...
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